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Which band member do you like the most? 

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2 deviants said Georgio Harrismith (The Fab Gears)
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1 deviant said Mick Dylan (The Prairee Chikens)
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The Beatles - Stamp by TadadadaThe Monkees Stamp by dA--bogeyman

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RULES (Feel free to break them)
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2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
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1. A strange new bomb has been invented that wipes out all music in the world. It is up to you to save the entire discography of one band and one band only, who do you pick?  This decision not only affects you, but every one that has to listen to them.
The Beatles! When Elvis was busy making movies and Buddy Holly died, for a few years rock n roll was at a standstill as there was no one to produce new songs, and it looked like teens would have to revert back to liking their parents music. That is, until the Beatles came on the scene and revived the genre. I feel they would be able to give the world a good base for music and teach new upcoming artists to always experiment with music and cultivate your own sound.
Music teachers have been using their songs as a prime example for YEARS. One university even teaches a course on the Beatles music:…
I feel like any other surviving band members of other groups would rerecord their own stuff and add music back into the world, too. Music wouldn't be gone for long because the songs would still be in people's memories even if the hard copies are destroyed.

2. What is your greatest ambition, no matter how impossibly unfeasible it may be?
To become an excellent artist that can do natural poses, any facial expression, symmetry, perspective of faces/bodies/environments, and coloring things quickly in Photoshop like other artist can do. It seems impossible without training and knowing the tricks. I'm self-taught with a little bit of high school training but they always focus on painting still lifes and color wheels. I need a school for cartoonists. lol After that, I'd love to have a career in the art field.

3. You get to live the life of any fictional character of your choosing, who is it?
I don't read fictional books anymore, i read autobiographies now. I don't really know any fictional people that I would say "I wish I could be that person."
If I had to choose, I suppose I'd have to say my fursona, Tigris. In her storyline, she was human and was transformed into a lynx hybrid by a mad scientist. She made her home in an abandoned train station and fixed it up nicely. She found a few stray animals that she adopted and soon she began a business of taking in stray animals, nursing them back to health and adopting them out. Then she adopted two anthro children who were abandoned on her doorstep and raised them well. lol
It's my mothering nature I guess. I've always wanted to have a lot of pets. Luckily my parents and husband have stopped me from adopting every animal I've seen throughout my life, otherwise I'd have a zoo. lol

4. If you could master any instrument, what instrument would you choose?
Something hard like the sitar. After learning something that difficult, i'd be able to learn the guitar with ease.

5. What are your dreams like?
Uhh.. like a blurry movie that only focuses on certain things. Almost always in first person view.
I remember more dreams from when I was a teenager than now. I often find myself saving pets from disasters, or running away from people trying to kill me.

I remember one dream that was really crazy. That night, I was staying at a trailor on a lake that we rented every summer and it's located in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. That night I had a dream that I was running from people during an tornado, I hid inside a realistic-looking version of the mall from the video game "Normality", I ran into the record store and the doors closed behind me, and suddenly everything became really calm. Curious, I looked at the record stand and all the records were blurred except two on the bottom rack. One was a record with Paul McCartneys face on it (from Wings era), and next to him was another record with Linda's face on it. Both albums had their faces framed in fancy scrollwork around the edges of the album as if they were in picture frames. I remember looking at it and getting a completely calm, warm feeling from them, and thinking "Awww."  I had to keep moving, so I headed upstairs and chaos ensued with me and other people running up a stairwell and some hiding in a small storage closet, then I woke up. It was raining heavily outside and we packed up our stuff, got in the car and headed out . We turned on the radio and the DJ reported that Linda McCartney had died that day. How weird is that.

6. What is your life philosophy?  Such as, what do we live for, and why?
We are all part of the history of the world, each having their own life's story that directly or indirectly effects the story of others. We each start out small as characters but then by the end of the story we have learned so much and grew from our experiences. If you pass by someone on the street, you look up at them and they look back at you, you were just a part of each others life memories. You can live on forever in the memory of a living person, and they can tell your story to others, who can then pass it on.
Even animals, trees, rocks and plants have their own life's history. All one has to ask is "Where did it come from and how did it get here?" Imagine what the tree in your neighborhood has witnessed and experienced throughout its life, struggling to make it past it seedling stage and get above the other sprouts so it could gather the most sunlight. Surviving tornado winds, damage from animals and people, hundreds of bird or squirrel families living in its branches like an apartment complex with a revolving door and the tree tried its best to keep the eggs from dropping and squirrel babies from falling and watching those babies grow. It probably has an amazing story to tell.
We are all here to keep the world entertained, help it survive, and let it thrive. We can make our own small dent like a cavemans art on a rock wall or a dinosaurs footprint cemented in time.

7. If you were a billionaire for one day, how would you spend your money?
I'd buy a house. If you take the most dilapidated, rodent-filled house from any other city and drop it into Washington DC, it suddenly becomes a million dollar home. It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. So I'd use the cash to buy a small middle class house. Just an average house with three bedrooms, two baths and a small back yard. If there is any cash left over, I'd squirrel it away for fixing the house or bills. :P

8. If you could travel any where in the world and through osmosis conquer any language barrier or cultural road blocks, where would you go?
Liverpool and maybe Italy.

9. If you could cure cancer, or world hunger, which would you choose?
People can cure world hunger if their dictators would do the right thing and actually care about its people dying out. Many of them just embezzle the cash received by the people and sit on the thrown until they die or they are replaced by an equally-greedy son. It's a simple problem to fix by creating "soup kitchens" and later their govt could bring jobs to the country to have people earn cash to buy food. They need their dictators kicked off their thrown and redo their entire system for the people to get the benefits they need. Those tv commercials about donating money for hungry children won't solve the problem, at that point their dictator are thinking "Oh, good. America will spend their money to feed a few families. whatever. I have my money."

Cancer is something uncontrollable that develops inside our own bodies and its uncontrollable unless a vaccine is discovered. So, I would choose cure cancer.

10. As your spare time encroaches on you, are you spending it in a way that makes you happy, or would you rather be doing other things with your time?
I try to do things that make me happy, but there are always other things that I should be doing. Obligated things, like doing laundry, dishes, and such. Video games sap a lot of time away. Yeah i feel accomplished when I reached new levels,  but not as accomplished as when I have created artwork that I can post or a costume that I can wear.

I honestly don't know 10 people on DA. Lots of people I knew have dead accounts now, so let's see..
:iconphantomzstar: :iconindagare: :iconmysterious-whisper: :iconphraggle:
Well, I've found 4. That will have to do.

Now you answer these QUESTIONS

1. What is the strangest plant (or tree, flower, berry, fruit) you've ever seen?

2. Who do you idolize?

3. If you could make a costume of anything, what would it be?

4. Favorite video game character?

5. Your favorite cartoon characters?

What music do you play to get you in the mood to write or draw?

7. What is your favorite constellation and why?

8. Do you believe in ghosts?

9. What song perfectly describes you and why?

10. What's a movie you really enjoyed as a kid?

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My name is Tigris Gacobelli, and I'm a digital and traditional artist. I was born in the 80s, but you could say that I was influenced the most by the the 1930s through 1960s. I grew up very near to Detroit, Michigan. My dad and I would listen to 50s/60s music on the radio, and mom and I would listen to 80s music when in the car. My parents loved old films and we would watch black and white films more often than modern ones. Some of my favorite tv shows will always be the Sonny and Cher Show, Dick Van Dyke Show, Flip Wilson, Ed Sullivan, Happy Days, The Monkees, and Hogans Heroes. Today, I hold old music, movies and tv shows in the highest regard and they are a part of everyday life. It often effects what I draw, you will find artwork inspired from the 1920s to the 1980s in my gallery.

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Would you like to buy a print of my artwork and don't see it listed here? Let me know and I will give it that awesome lil yellow button! :D



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Just to make clear: Mariachimon consist of Ludicolo and Maracti.
Right. Now that that's settled:

:dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :folklorico: Start the Brasses Harlem Shake Harlem Shake Emoticon Harlem Shake MEX :folklorico: :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance :dancingcactus: mexican hat dance



*Mariachimon disappear into the ether*

In case that song made no sense whatsoever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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